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Self Drive Minibus Hire

In addition to coach hire, airport transport and minibus hire with a driver services, we also offer self drive hire to groups that are visiting Wakefield. This service is meant to make sure that all our customers are given the chance to travel in all the freedom and confidentiality that they need wherever they need to visit this city. If this is the transport that you require, then make a point of calling or visiting Minibus Hire Wakefield and we will make your dream come true.

One thing that makes our self drive minibus hire service come top in the region is the condition of our minibuses. You will not find a minibus that is in poor condition in our fleet. All of them come from the leading vehicle producers in Wakefield and as a result of this we do not have a problem taking you to all the places that you need to go. On top of that, they are kept in their optimum operating condition by our team of highly qualified engineers and technicians who conduct thorough inspection on every coach or minibus before and after every trip to make sure that any fault that might have developed is corrected before they can cause any delays to our esteemed clients. In addition, this works as a means of reducing the cost of operation since problems are fixed while in their early stages before they can become fully blown. This way, we avoid conducting the costly large repairs hence we are able to offer our self drive minibus hire services at a lower rate them most of the others.

Minibus Hire Wakefield has been in operation in Wakefield for over 9 years and because of this the company has managed to gradually improve the services that it gives to you over the years. In addition, the members of staff have also improved their service delivery by adding experience as they interact with more travellers. This experience puts them in the best position to answer any question regarding any aspect of your transportation therefore do not hesitate to call Minibus Hire Wakefield whenever you have problems choosing the elite transport that is given to you in your given situation.

We know that different people have different needs and preferences and since we have devoted ourselves to providing transport for all of them, we always make sure that we have services to meet each one of the needs. This is the reason behind our wide array of services to select from. On top of the self drive minibus hire, we have coach hire services that provide transport for the large groups that cannot be accommodated by a single minibus, hiring airport minibuses that pick you at the airport and take you back there at the end of your trip and minibus hire with our driver where you get a minibus complete with one of our very competent drivers to take you around Wakefield.

The self drive minibus hire option is unique in that you get only the Wakefield minibus unlike the others where you get the minibus and its driver. You will however need to prove to us your chosen driver is a competent driver who is conversant with all the rules that must be followed when driving in Wakefield. You will also need to inform us early enough so that we can make arrangements to avail the minibus of your preferred size at your preferred destination.

Come to Minibus Hire Wakefield and you are assured of getting the best deal in the whole of Wakefield.

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